Saturday, 2 October 2010

A final outfit from Max C!

I'm channelling a bit of a 50s/Mod mixture with this outfit, again courtesy of Max C! This is the last in the series of outfits - it has been great being their blogger of the month!

I can't decide which of these two items is my favourite - the jacket or the dress. The dress will certainly be useful for nights out at uni (I had a wardrobe crisis last night and just couldn't find anything to wear). It's in a classic Max C 'bird print' - cute but sophisticated.

The jacket conforms quite well to my mod style tendancies - but the necktie adds a great feminine edge, making it perfect for many occasions! It's a great transitional piece :).

I'm back on Monday with a giveaway for this dress!!!!!!!!!!! As well as the brown spotted shirt from a previous post... so don't forget to check back!

Sorry my blog posting has been a bit slow recently - I've been settling in at uni and have barely been on the internet!

Sadie xxx


Fashion Drip said...

I love this dress, I think it's so sweet!

Please when you can go to my blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

really cute dress! loving the 60s eyeliner too :)

looby xx

Justice Pirate said...

I like the design on this dress!

Jessica said...

loving the dress! :)
and i really do like your new hairstyle!

Katie said...

The print looks like houndstooth from a distance, optical illusion eh? I do really like your new hairstyle by the way - not sure if i mentioned it before!

Fashion Smajlik Blog said...

nice dress ;)

Anisa said...

the print is so cute, it's like a crossbreed between bird and fish!

the girl in the bowler hat said...

I love this dress, the print is very cute indeed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing a close-up of the pattern on the dress - it's sooo cute! I MUST have it!

Will be checking back for that giveaway, for SURE!

affiliate marketing said...

Love love love that dress!!

Sarah with an "h" said...

Very cute! I love the dress.


Louder Than Silence said...

Love the print on that dress, looks great on you.

Sally from Louder Than Silence x

Talitha said...

your one of my favorite bloggers <3 love your style and haircut!
btw I am coming to London this winter and would love if you could tell me a few good places to go shopping!

Kristin said...

real nice dress :)


menina elegante said...

loving the print!! and i love the mary jane clogs! Very very chic!

keep up the amazing blog darling! :)

menina elegante

Patri said...

First of all, congratulations for your blog, it's amazing!!...You always look great!!<3

I really love the blouse!!

Besos desde Espa├▒a!

anni said...

The print of the dress is so amazing ! I love it <3