Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Christmas Market in the Snow

This weekend my boyfriend came to visit, and on Saturday we walked into town to look around the Christmas Market. Our route took us along an icy canalside walk - the cold air stung our cheeks, snow crunched under foot, and everything was quiet, still and idyllic. It was nice to snatch a few moments like this, trying not to slip over whilst watching the sun go down behind the railway bridges, and studying the reflections on the frozen canal.

In a way, I quite like wrapping up warm in winter, even if it means you can barely move your limbs for the amount of layers you're wearing! On this particular day I sported my vintage fairisle jumper, my beautiful new River Island coat, a chunky bobblehat from H&M and my mum's old leather gloves. I should have worn a scarf too, as we discovered that the temperature had dropped by the time were on our way back home (after watching Harry Potter!).

In complete contrast to the canalside scene, the Christmas Market was warm, bright and bustling with people buying sweet german delights, wooden toys and mulled wine. The crowds were so thick that it took about 20 minutes to move 10 metres, not that we were complaining - because it was much warmer this way!

As it was rather expensive, we had to be a bit choosey about what we bought. In the end we sampled some mini doughnuts, cooked before our eyes. They were served in a paper cone with a dusting of sugar. They were like a hug for your mouth - still warm from being freshly cooked, and all puffy and delicious! We also purchased some caramelised peanuts, which lasted approximately 3 minutes... yum.

As you can see, I got a bit snap-happy with my camera. I thought I'd try to convey the sights, sounds and smells of the market, as it was such a lovely Christmassy experience (and I'm not even a massive fan of Christmas!).

Has anyone else visited a Christmas market? What did you buy there?

Sadie xxx


Katy said...

We had a little mini market a few weeks ago and had the most amazing coconut macaroons which were cooked in front of us. I love going to German markets in town around Christmas time :) xx

Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage* said...

wow! beautiful photos *^_^*


katieafox said...

Where's this market Saide? Looks a lot like ours in Birmingham- though I'm sure they're all more or less the same! They're the best thing in the world for making you feel all festive; bloody expensive though! Hope you had a great time.

p.s. i see you got the glasses! They look great on you!


Cherry Pullinger said...

I went to the Christmas market recently but wasn't very impressed. There were hardly any decent stalls and most of them were selling horrible smelling food.

Rosie said...

Wow, it looks amazing.
I went to Prague a couple of Christmases ago with my boyfriend and there was a beautiful Christmas market there every night in the Old Town Square - you're making me feel very reminiscent! :')

Rosie x

Crafter-holic said...

That market must be the one that moves around the country because I go to the one in Manchester every year, and it looks identical!
I'm going this Sunday as a matter of fact, can't wait :-)

El :) said...

What kind of camera do you have, could you tell me? Your photos are sooo nice :)

the girl in the bowler hat said...

That looks ever so lovely! I really love little markets like that, makes me feel like it's almost Christmas. I'm going to visit one this weekend hopefully when I travel up to Edinburgh! I can't wait :)

Helen said...

Aw these pictures are so pretty. We always have one in Bournemouth and I love buying their fresh crepes and caramalised peanuts too - yum yum yum x

Belle xx said...

wow this market looks fabulous! i think i need to go to something like this to get myself in the christmas spirit xx

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

*_* love last three photos :D
how evere.. You look so cute as always :))


Phara said...

Looks so nice, I'm going to one in a few weeks, should be good!

bee. said...

Ooh these photos are beautiful! I love your coat. This post has made me feel so festive...and hungry! I went to the Christmas market in Bristol a couple of weeks ago but merely browsed. I just love the whole atmosphere of it. Have a lovely week.

El :) said...

Thanks for your camera response on my blog, so here's mine :)

Ahhh canon's :) I have a pretty decent camera myself, a DSLR... I was just wondering if you put the effect on after or you had some amazing specialised camera I didn't know existed :) I'm in the process of possibly buying a lomo camera... I love that whole warm, aged look on photos. Your shots are class, you have a serious eye for composition :) I'm pretty jealous there are no regular Christmas Markets like this where I live. Post more random photos, please!!


Shallow Mallow said...

Can't wait for Christmas markets :) Can't beat a hot cup of mulled wine when it 's freezing out :)

The Snow Child said...

What is a Christmas market?

Anonymous said...

XD nutella!! I'm italian ^_^, i live near Alba, the Nutella's factory town!!


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

nutcracker heaven!

WILDasaMINK said...

Holy Nutcracker Display...Batman! I soooooooooooo want to get into the festive holiday spirit and hit up some of the Xmas mkts around NYC, you've sold me on it! By the way, I love the snowy canal shots, they're gorgeous!

Victoria said...

such a lovely post!


Amara said...

I love your coats !

I cant find something like them in germany ://

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