Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Cleo Blouse by People Tree

Sorry to have been a bit absent over the past month - I've been a very busy Sadie, with a year abroad placement to secure (Hello, Paris!!), Oxfam blogger meetings to attend, fairtrade fashion shows to organise, societies to run and coursework to do... However, I had some daylight hours spare today and thought I'd take the chance to showcase my new People Tree blouse.

I bought it a) Because it's ethical, b) Because it's beautiful! and c) Because I'm going to need lots of office wear for my placement in Paris later this year. It's super chic, very comfy, and very easy to style, which makes it a winner in my books! It was also half price in the sale, bringing it down from £75 to £37.50, which is very cheap considering it contains silk and is handwoven, and the workers are paid fairly!

I'm now taking time to consider my wardrobe's ethical credentials, and aside from a small slip on a bag earlier this month, I think I'm doing fairly well. Of course, it helps that I don't have much money to spend anyway! I'm hoping this blouse will be a good investment, and take me through my 20s without losing its quality & stylishness.

I promise I ironed these!

Wardrobe-wise, I'm pretty pre-occupied with trying to find clothes suitable for the office but without losing my personal style too much (every worker's nightmare!). I refuse to become a corporate clone! Has anyone got any tips on what to wear at work?

Sadie xxx


Busyvintagebee said...

Ooooh Paris! You won't regret it! :) And what a pretty outfit, I love the mix of colours!
If you need someone to show you around Paris a bit let me know (I live there!) :)
Sophie xx

thekittenswhiskers said...

i have the same problem with suitable for the office vs personal style. at the moment i'm tending to use a lot of layering and mixing patterns to keep things interesting. can't stand the thought of going to work in black trousers/ blouse combo like everyone else but it would make it a lot easier when trying to get dressed at 7am!

laila x

Peacock's Hat said...

This is lovely, the colour looks really nice with the tortoiseshell of your frames. I didn't say on Saturday but I really love your glasses- they'd look completely stupid on me but they really suit you! I am jealous of your glasses pulling off abilities! I don't have any People Tree clothing- mostly because it is so pricey!- but I do have a knitted hat of theirs that I love.

Eva said...

Oh wow, the year abroad sounds amazing, Paris too! Good luck - you'll have to post all about it! And lovely top, great price too. I always try wearing grey, white, black - probably the only way to mix up the strict boring sixth form rules. I love adding little details here and there too, with brooches etc. :) X

Anonymous said...

I love this shirt - the colour really suits you! x

Alice said...

I love people tree, but it's expensive to I tend to wait for the sales.

What are you going to do in Paris?

. said...

great blouse!

Deanna said...

Gorgeous blouse! I wish I had tips on what to wear in the office! We have a dress code for sixth form/work, but I tend to ignore them. Haha. You look lovely x

Kaitlin Mattingly said...

im in love with that top.
so beautiful!

xo kaitlin

Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog said...

Such a beautiful blouse. How exciting that you are going to Paris. I don't really do work wear anymore but I always used to try and wear dresses instead of suits as they allow a bit more option for individuality. I guess it would depend on the office how much individuality you can get away with.

Lovely to meet you last week!

sofa pink said...

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Gem said...

very chic, perfect for work!

Kellie Wellingtons said...

I'd say these outfits are already work friendly!

But I also love these looks which fit both business and personality:

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

that is such a pretty blouse!


Katrina said...

so pretty! great buy, girl.

its great that you're going to Paris for the placement. enviooouuusss!

xo katrina

Phara said...

It's absolutely stunning and I love that it's ethical! Wow, Paris, how exciting ^^

nisan yağmurları said...

Pretty blouse i really like it.

taffetaramblings said...

gorgeous blouse , I love People Tree. i also love your glasses. xxx