Sunday, 17 February 2013

Paris Ethical Shopping Guide: Guerrisol

For the ultimate thrifting experience, vintage fans should head to one of Paris' many Guerrisol shops for a good old afternoon of rummaging. After picking up a shopping basket at the door, battle your way through the seasoned Parisian thrifters (people who simply want cheap clothing and hipsters alike) to grab a spot at the edge of one of these huge clothing 'bins', and delve to the bottom to see what treasures you can unearth.

For those are aren't big fans of the vulture-esque 'bun fight' method, there are plenty of shirts and jackets hanging up around the edges, and no shortage of that much-coveted peterpan collar or grungey denim jacket.

The quality and condition of the clothes varies wildly. Previously, I've been surprised to see paint-splattered shirts with giant holes in the armpits cosied up to cashmere jumpers and Comptoir des Cotonniers dresses.

Prices fluctuate throughout the week - sometimes everything is €5, other times it drops to €3, with shoes and frilly 80s wedding dresses (!) selling for a little more. Saturdays are mayhem, but if you pop in during the week you can browse at your leisure.

See this post for a little outfit sourced mostly at Guerrisol, as well as Lyzi's super cute pink skirt found when we met up for a day last summer for shopping with Ella!


19, avenue de Clichy, 17th Arrondissement
96, boulevard de Barbes, 18th Arrondissement
45, boulevard de la Chapelle, 18th Arrondissement
17, boulevard Rochechouart, 9th Arrondissement

For more information: Guerrisol Website

Sadie xxx


Sew on Trend said...

I love to rummage through shops like Guerrisol. This post reminds me of my visit to Paris last year. There were some really cool items in the shop, but unfortuinately not in my size. I only got a pair of booties. They were a steal for 5 € and just needed to be resoled. Love findings like that!
Enjoy spring in Paris!

Paprika said...

This is such good advice, I will definitely check out these hidden gems when I go down there in the summerxx