Friday, 28 June 2013

Crowd-voted designs by Front Row Society

Front Row Society is a Berlin-based fashion brand which employs a system of 'crowd-voting' to decide which designs they are going to put in to production. Artists submit textile designs based around a brief, and the general public cast their votes for their favourites. In theory, this is a handy way to match supply with demand: only the most popular designs go in to production, which helps to reduce overall waste. An interesting concept, especially as it doubles up as a way for artists to showcase their work.

I've been aware of the company for a few months, but it was put back on my radar after reading a recent post on Dresses on a Clothesline which features a Front Row Society scarf (worn in 7 different ways!). This prompted a visit to the site, where to my delight, I noticed that they also sell some rather incredible leggings in a dazzling array of eye-catching colours and patterns. Even better: many of these are now on sale (can't quite work out if this goes against the point of crowd-voting or not, but it's nice that they are a bit more accessible price-wise).

Also. This rucksack. Need I say any more?
...apart from maybe that it is in the sale too?!

Sadie xxx

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