Sunday, 7 July 2013

Jimmy Fairly ethical eyewear

As someone who is shortsighted, I have always found sunglasses shopping really difficult and expensive. Each summer for the last 3 years I've launched myself enthusiastically into a search for the perfect retro frames, but the cost was a deal-breaker once actual prescription lenses and subsequent lens-thinning are added on (let's face it, there's not enough sun in England to make it worth paying loads).

The quest continued earlier this summer, given that Paris is a little sunnier! I spotted Jimmy Fairly on the ethical section of Nettement Chic, and soon found several frames on the site that fitted my retro requirements. After a bit of investigation, I realised that the lenses are FREE if you're prepared to leave them un-thinned and without anti-reflection coating (although seek some professional advice if you're using them for driving). How can they afford this? By designing and making their own glasses, they can cut out the middle man. Hooray!

Jimmy Fairly operate in a similar way to Toms: for every pair of glasses bought, they give away a pair to someone in need, through their partner institutions Voir la Vie, Peuples d'Himalaya and Emma├╝s.

After bit of umming and ahhing over whether they would suit me (the problem with not actually being able to see how you look without your own glasses on), I decided to purchase the Monroe frames - €95, all included! And when I realised that the graded tint didn't work for me, they exchanged the lenses for plain ones, also for free. I was really impressed with their service, especially given that I was a particularly annoying, indecisive customer.

So without further ado, here are my new sunnies. Oh... and freshly cut new hair. Hehe.


I tried to take a close up to give an idea of the quality, although it's not very clear. But I'm very impressed with the overall construction of the glasses and would recommend them!

If you're unable to visit the shop, they have a free returns policy to put you at ease when choosing some frames.

What do you think of them? Do you have trouble finding good prescription sunglasses?

Sadie xxx

P.S. This post is not sponsored in any way - I just love the sunglasses!


rachel said...

Your hair looks SO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

looks very beautiful and attractive

Obat Stroke

cleartheway said...

LOVE your hair and glasses both. That hair cut is so flattering!

Kate from Clear the Way

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Thankyou! It was pretty scary having it cut (especially in a different language!)

Laura said...

the hair looks great! and so do the sunglasses:-) x

Style Eyes said...

Loving your new hair style! The glasses look great too. I have just invested in a new pair of sunglasses by Colin Leslie eyewear. There seems to be a growing choice of ethical / eco eye wear.

Eva said...

Great glasses! And your hair looks wonderful - really look like Jean Seburg! X