Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Documentary: 'The True Cost'

'The True Cost' is a documentary that will highlight the human rights issues and environmental problems in the clothing industry. Producer Andrew Morgan will interview experts in the field, including Lucy Siegle, Safia Minney and Livia Firth, to provide insights into what goes on in the production process of many of our highstreet 'bargains'.

This is a great opportunity to make information about fast fashion more accessible, as well as to highlight alternative routes for the future. However, in order to produce the documentary, funding is needed! Find their Kickstarter page to make a pledge.

Sadie xxx


Yasmeen said...

I'm so glad you shared this. It's so difficult to learn about the back end of fast fashion because of how far removed companies are from their own supply chain management (I'm thinking specifically of Walmart's role in the recent factory collapse in Bangladesh and how they attempted to detach themselves from the entire issue). And it's even more difficult to find content that focuses on solutions and positive change so I'm so incredibly happy to find this project.

If you haven't already seen these two mini docs I strongly recommend them:

This one explores the similarities between the factory collapse in Bangladesh and the Triangle Factory Fire in NY. Charles Kernaghan is such a powerful speaker:

This one is a mini expose on my Walmart's supply chain management on Al Jazeera:

I'll definitely be sharing this Kickstarter!!

Pia said...

I really wish you would start blogging again... you were such a breath of fresh air in the (fair-)fashion and diy blogosphere!!

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