Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Jackie Magazine

I recently bought a copy of Jackie Magazine on ebay. If you hadn’t already heard about it, it’s a teen magazine that first came out in the 60s!

Mine is from 1983. I thought I’d buy a copy to satisfy my love of all things old, and see what it was like growing up in a different era! And I wasn’t disappointed.

After reading through the famous ‘Cathy and Claire’ problem page, I flipped through to have a look at the fashion. It seems they were very into their DIY back then, too! On one page is a ‘how to’ on wardrobe remixing – 80s style! The model is depicted in an interesting ensemble comprising of a high-waisted denim skirt, white t-shirt, red patent shoes and a lumberjack style waist coat. And there’s a very nice little article about customising blazers with piping and new buttons (but perhaps I won’t take up their suggestion of painting it with fabric paints).

Something I thought was particularly interesting was an advert entitled ‘I wish I’d been a boy’. It was there to encourage girls to break through the huge sexist barrier that still existed in the 80s. Thank goodness times have changed!

And finally, my 80s inspired outfit! I found the dress in a charity shop. It was a size 18 and down to my ankles when I bought it! The denim jacket was an ebay purchase but it was originally from New Look.

Sadie xxx


Y said...

The dress looks really lovely!
that Jackie mag is interesting - I would love reading that!

PS thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

waaaaw, thankyou for commenting & I LOVE YOUR STYYYLE! (: It's really nice to see how you customized your dress, the outfit looks like a new! And the fact that you are probably very handy with knitting etcetera makes me jalousss [;. Sorry for my bad English, I live in Belgium and I started learning English for 2 years. Welcome in my blogroll! ;]. xxx

Hippie Frou Frou said...

Love your 80s inspired look! Hemming dresses is the easiest way for a couture piece, great blog you have going here!

jess s//hippie frou frou

suzie said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit.
it's so great.

Leah said...

Just a question, I've noticed that you haven't been blogging for very long, and you seem to have made quite an impression on this large blogging world of ours! How did you 'promo' your blog? eg. did you leave comments on blogs, hoping other bloggers would link you etc? Or did you just pray for the best?
Super sweet blog by the way!

Zhcsyra hp said...

omg.,.hows the gorgeous are yaa,.
hum i'v ever seen this or myb just simmiliar photo:))

Jonathan said...

The illustration titled 'Look Out' was drawn by my mum - she was their main fashion illustrator years ago and now that Jackie is being reassessed, reprinted and given away in the Guardian, republished in annuals - I see her drawings everywhere now. It's a funny feeling.

Simple Things in Mind said...

You're soooo pretty..your '80s outfit really looks good on you ^_^ methinks will look for a similar outfit in the mall..because our theme for our christmas party in the office is "Back to the '80s"

anyways, hope you could drop by in my site too ^_^