Wednesday, 28 October 2009


I'm back from France! I thought I'd write a blog on all of the fashion related things I saw :).

But firstly, as you can probably see in the picture... I ended up choosing the black coat, despite an overwhelming response in favour of the red one. I realised that I really really needed a black coat, because it can double up as a smart one and it will go with everything. However! I'm going to take Hannah's advice and change the buttons to make it look a bit more 'up market'!

And now back to the French trip! I was staying with my french friend in Calais, where there is a huge lace industry, selling to companies such as M&S, Agent Provocateur, Victoria's Secret and even the big fashion houses like Dior. We went to a lace factory (and got lots of free lace - I'm going to incorporate it into my next sewing project!) and a brilliant lace museum, where there was a working loom and lots of historical costume made with lace. It was really interesting seeing all of the different styles of lace - literally 1000s.

Shopping in Lille

On Monday we went to Lille for a spot of shopping. Despite having loads of French brands to choose from, we ended up buying most of our things in H&M! I bought a winter hat and some gloves, and a nice cardigan - I'll show you them later!

We also visited the most beautiful haberdashery I've ever seen. The walls were lined with glass jars of beads - it felt like a sweet shop! I really regret not buying some lovely black velvet buttons for my coat. They also had some beautiful corduroy from Liberty, but it was a bit pricey at €28.

Most of the 'friperies' (vintage shops) were shut but we found a nice one tucked away down a little alley way. It was so much cheaper than English vintage shops! I bought a green winter jumper for €5 - which I'll do a blog about soon.

Don't you just love rails of clothing when they look like this:


The Beach

We couldn't go to Calais without seeing the sea. Apparently, there is a tradition for chips and icecream at the beach in Calais - I suppose thats because it's so close to England!

This bird was quite happy to pose for a photo :D...

Sailing into the sunset on the ferry ♥

I think I ended up buying too many things, because my suitcase was extremely difficult to carry around the London underground on the way home! That might have been partly due to the 8 thick French magazines I bought - unbelievably, Elle magazine was just €2! How unfair is that?

Since returning home I keep wanting to say things in French. I think another visit to France is in order!

Sadie xxx


Corinna said...

ooh the lace fabric/museum sounds so cool, especially with the free lace :)

queen atika said...

woah i wanna go there! ;( glad you had a great time!

Fern said...

I've been to northern france before, it's so lovely there and everyone's so freindly, I wanna go back now D: Glad you had a nice time :]


Can we exchange links please as I love your blog and have added you to my blogroll xx

Lost at 11 said...

Really beautiful photo's !

Leanne said...

Aww sadie, looks like you had a lovely time :)
can't believe the price of the vintage ! and the haberdashery looks nom :) ox

tracy said...

that looks like a lovely holiday.
and your outfit is adorable! :3

Little Miss Obsessive said...

i wanna go to france :)
looove ur photos..
it seems like u have a lovely time there..

Christina said...

A lace FACTORY? I'm so jealous! Lace is my favorite fabric and I would have died to go to this factory. Your trip sounds like a ton of fun!

Zhcsyra hp said...

nice top,awesome skirt ,adorable blazer and fabulous shoes :))