Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dress #2!

On my giant charity shopping spree the other week I made some time for a quick (...long) visit to a material shop. After 40 minutes I emerged from the shop with some green tartan, some grey suiting material and this spectacular, reversible, floral fabric!

This post is named 'Dress #2' because the dress is made with exactly the same pattern as the tweed one. I plan to make yet another one with the grey suiting material - to be my 'business dress' for university, haha. And today I finished making a slightly adapted version out of the green tartan fabric (I'll show you that one later!). They're the simplest thing ever to make - two identical panels sewn together, with little 'princess' sleeves (I traced the sleeves roughly from one of my shirts). Who knows, I might even make my prom dress using the same pattern!

In keeping with the 80s style fabric, I styled the dress with my denim jacket and thrifted purple belt. And voila - an outfit suitable for day and night :).

Anyway, I've been thinking - this blog has started to focus a lot more on thrifting & sewing in recent months. And so I was wondering what you'd like to see more of! Style icons, how-to guides, photoshoots, debates (!), film reviews, giveaways, favourite designers - or more of the 'what I wore' ones?
What are your favourite things to read about? Tell me what you think - I'm listening :D.

Sadie xxx

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Shared closet said...

youuuuu areee sooooooo amazingggggggggggggg.
love the floral print.
and your hair!!!!!! :)

briannelee said...

Love the dress! The floral print is so cute!

I like reading about your vintage/thrift finds and seeing all the clothes you make.

La fille d'Avril said...

i love the dress and the way you styled it!
it looks really great and i love those colours on you!

i've reading ur blog for a while now, but it's my first comment so far

personally my favorite are the what i wore one and i really enjoy the one about sewing too!

but if you think it's ok i would love to take a look at your room!


Maria Confer said...

You are an amazing seamstress!! I love the pattern of that fabric.

I say more diy's and thrifting posts, I love them.


Lemondrop Marie said...

All of the aboves are great! I especially like seeing what you've created!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Charmed giveaway!

Zhcsyra hp said...

adorable floral dress and sweet belt.

Chloe said...

i love your jacket!


Jessica said...

gosh it's soooo gorgeous!! i do love the print and how the dress fit you~~ !!! <3 <3 it.
sooo talented.

Ningtyas said...

Sadie,, I really adore ur style,so beautifull but still simple...
Love ur way to make sumthing:)

le blog de leen said...

the dress looks adorable with the belt
great outfit :)


Pierrot le Fou said...

such a great outfit! you are beyond talented dear!

Suzanne said...

the dress is really cute with the belt!

Jamie said...

I love your thrifting stories and outfit posts! Your dress is so cute!!

michelle_ said...

what a winning combination !
floral dress and vintage denim jacket !
i also combined floral dress with denim jacket on my second latest post :D
maybe you wanna check it out . hehe

i always love ur style dear :D

am following you girl .
mind following me back ? :D

Glisters & Blisters

Anonymous said...

I really like the sewing post!
This dress is really nice!

Anonymous said...

Totally gorgeous outfit. Your fantastic at making these dresses! Lovely 70's style look, lovely pattern on the dress!!

In terms of your blog i love this style of post and the 'how-to's' and i also love your 'what i wore' posts. Love your blog!


amyyyyy. said...

You're really talented with a sewing machine, I'm jealous! I used a sewing machine today for the first time since my accident and, well, it looked like a 5 year old had done it haha! :)

I love your how-to guides, as I'd love to be able to make my own clothes like you. I also like your style posts and your inspiration!


sophiemakesthings said...

Oooh how pretty! I love the fabric you chose :)I dont think I have ever seen reversible floral fabric before! The belt is the perfect colour to go with it too, you're very talented with the old sewing machine :) xxx

Isabella said...

I love it when you write about your own projects :) Please continue with it.
Did you come up with the pattern yourself to the dress? It's so simple and pretty, if you did come up with it yourself it would be fun if you could post it (:

Hat said...

I love your entries on what gems you've found at Charity shops (and what alterations you've made!) I have millions of things/clothes in my room I've bought from charity shops/bootsales but I just don't have time to photograph them. I plan to though! x

Madeline said...

Ahh, I would so love to see some how-to guide, I've only just started sewing and am a little confused. Haha.
You are seriously amazing at designing and making your own clothes.

Penny said...

I love love love your outfit posts, they're filled with inspiration. But I also would love to see more tutorials on how to make these lovely things (:

Leanne said...

that belt goes really well with the floral fabric!
do you overlock your seams or just lockstitch? xo

Sahakiel said...

More DIY, please!! You're so creative!

kirstyb said...

i cant beleive u made that dress!!! its lovely - wanna make me one? lol! first visit to ur blog - love it defo following x

catherine_sr. said...

I love the dress and how different it looks from your first one even though it's the same pattern. My favorite features are "what I wore" and "how-to guides"... I love outfit pics because it's cool to see how other people are expressing themselves through their style and of course how-to guides are always useful!
the renegade bean

ED said...

I love the model and fabric! Great combination with the belt.

Anonymous said...

Wow love this dress. ....could you put a 'how to' up please?

Thanks for your advice on my header I changed the layout...but i'm not sure if i prefered it plain... http://thepriceofacupoftea.blogspot.com/
By the way I put another yummy artboy up, i think that's reason enough to go to artschool!

Sabila Anata said...

hey , i was wondering , what camera do you use ?
thank youuu :)

Amelia said...

That print is such a great find! I love the colors.

The Twisted Cool Rocker said...

Oh! I love your outfit, it's very personal and original. Different of the rest.


And Merry Christmas!

Parapluie said...

Oh, I'm totally fine with the "What I thrifted and sew"- posts, they always give me so much inspiration!

idée_géniale said...

This dress looks like it was made for you! Love the belt too.
Umm, I'm always a fan of the how-to posts, as well as thrifting finds!

Anonymous said...

The print on that dress is so adorable! That's so great you sew and are able to make these dresses- need to learn!

Ruth loves said...

Hiya! Sorry for the late reply :)
Good luck prom dress hunting! The jaquard one is gorgeous, but the things on ASOS are so overpriced :( Aww gutted about the competition - but well done to the winner! Love, ruth :) xx

de vliegmachine said...

I love the dress! It's lovely with that belt. I would like to read more 'how-to guides' because I want to make such a dress too! I am trying to sew but it's quite hard so you have to help me:P.

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