Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ethical designer: Samantha Pleet

Sometimes, you come across something completely by chance, and it really holds your attention. I was reading an article on Ecouterre and an interview video was embedded in the sidebar, and I decided to click play (can you tell that I'm supposed to be writing an essay?! haha). In the video, Ecouterre interviewed young Brooklyn designer Samantha Pleet, who has been producing stunning clothing made using organic & ethical fabric in her New York studio since 2006.

I seriously appreciate the mod influences in some of her pieces, as well as that chilled 70s boho vibe that she has managed to capture. Or, as the website more elegantly puts it, 'intertwining elements of the mysterious and fantastical with a sense of modernity.' All topped off with a cool hat. What's not to love?

Samantha emphasises that she, as a business owner, wants to be responsible about what she produces. She deliberately doesn't follow trends, preferring just to develop her own unique line, resulting in timeless pieces that you can wear for years on end.

I'm not sure what held my attention the most: the fact that such beautiful fashion can be created ethically, or the fact that I'm seriously jealous of her career! Either way, I feel more motivated than ever to keep exploring ethical fashion if this is what can be found.

What is your favourite piece? Have you got any tip-offs about amazing ethical designers?

All images found on I urge you to have a peek!

Here's the video:

If you fancy splashing out on some investment ethical fashion, Samantha Pleet is stocked in the UK here.

Sadie xxx


Ron McQuade said...

I love Samantha Pleet, but the clothes are so expensive. Have you seen the ss13 collection? It looks devine! (The silk prints and the shoes, oh the shoes.)

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

Oh wow, it really, really does! I feel so inspired at the moment. I wouldn't mind a pair of those shoes either ;) x

Chio said...

I really appreciate the effort some designers are making but the prices are way out of my range, I guess I'll have to stick to second-hand clothing.
Btw, that colour block dress is just a-mazing, I wish I could afford it!