Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Fru-Gal Challenge

Famous in ethical fashion circles for its 'Green Carpet Challenge', Livia Firth's ethical lifestyle website, Eco Age, also plays host to the 'Fru-Gal Challenge'. The idea is this: bloggers, universities and members of the public are challenged to put together an ethical outfit for each day of the week, and take a photo of what they come up with! The site has already featured over 250 outfits, and recently I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to add 5 of my own.

Seeing as a bit of time has now passed since I took part, I thought I'd take this opportunity to post them here!

I'm not used to blogging such huge photos, but I promise it's for blog aesthetics rather than vanity, haha.

Monday: Retro Blouse

I have a thing for retro blouses, and this is just one in my ever growing collection! I love ‘matchy-matchy’ outfits, and retro shirts are just perfect for this: wear one thing of each colour featured in the pattern, and voil√†, you have an outfit. This is especially good when it means you get to wear brightly coloured tights.

I bought the blouse from a vintage shop in Bristol, the skirt from a charity shop (shortened a bit), the belt from a carboot and the velvet jacket from a charity shop. The shoes are hand-me-downs from my mum.

Tuesday: Vintage Cardigan

I’m currently catching up on Mad Men (I know I’m a bit late to the bandwagon), and I couldn’t resist this rose-pink cardigan found at a vintage shop in Paris – it reminds me of something Peggy Olsen would wear! I bought the skirt in a charity shop the day before I moved here, and the belt is from my childhood dressing-up box. It’s a bit of a strange colour combination, but I quite like it!

Wednesday: Red and Blue

Here in Paris, there aren’t many charity shops, but I’ve found a replacement for when I just need a good old thrifting session. Guerrisol sells second hand clothes, mostly for under €5 a piece. If you have the patience to rummage, you can get some really good things, like this oversized cardigan which I bought for €3. It’s super warm and super slouchy, perfect for the weather at the moment. I’m wearing it with a People Tree dress and a belt from my childhood dressing up box. The only problem: people here don’t seem to wear much colour so I stand out a bit…

Thursday: My favourite things

This is my all-time favourite dress, which I picked up from the Motel Recycle and Re-invent range a few years ago. Combined with my all-time favourite cardigan (Jaeger, and cashmere, by way of a charity shop!), this is, well… my all-time favourite outfit. I’ve worn the cardigan so much that I’ve made a hole in the elbow, so I think a purchase of some elbow patches is in order...

Friday: Homemade

I’ve been buying up lots of vintage sewing patterns lately, and this sleeveless blouse is one of the things I made. It fits like a glove – that’s the beauty of making things from scratch! The skirt was €5 from the ultimate Parisian thrift store, Guerrisol, and I had to alter it a bit because it was just far too long. I really love sewing, and I would definitely encourage anyone who is in doubt to have a go!

The rose-pink cardigan is from a vintage shop and the shoes are hand-me-downs from my mum.

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Sadie xxx

P.S. Millions of thanks to my housemate for taking these photos!


010 said...

you look great

Joyce said...

You look dang cute! <3 <3 <3

Puput said...

adorable and cute :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love your style! Classic and eco-friendly! :)

Esther said...

So cute! I like Tuesday and Friday's outfits best.

By the way really cute blog!