Sunday, 3 March 2013

And now for something completely different... VEJA trainers

One thing I never thought I would EVER write about are trainers, which in my mind are reserved for that alien thing they call 'sport' and never something I'd ever consider actually wearing. Well, it has been rather hard to ignore the prevalence of trendy trainers in urban street style photographs, and given how comfy they look, I've rather strangely been left coveting a pair of my own.

'WHAT?!' I hear you ask. It is safe to say that trainers would not at all work with the majority of my carefully curated 60s-style wardrobe, but sometimes I just want to chuck on my jeans and a silky grey top with a hoodie and pretend I can 'do' casual.

My trainers of choice would come from VEJA, an ethical trainers company, distributing to the EU and worldwide. I have just had a read of their website to find out about their supply chain, which is genuinely fascinating. Knowing where every component comes from makes you feel really connected with the product, and completely justifies the prices charged. Here's a quick summary...

Canvas: Organic cotton is sourced from small-scale family farms in Ceará in Brazil. Their farming methods support the environment rather than damage it.

Leather: The leather is 'eco-tanned', meaning fewer chemicals polluting rivers.

Sole: Rubber is sourced from the Amazon, where rubber tappers use special technology to create rubber sheets from latex, meaning they are able to earn a higher income by adding value themselves.

Transport: To save C02, the shoes are transported by water rather than air (all the way into Paris!). The boxes have been made as small as possible.

Logistics: The Veja storage facility is run by people who are facing social exclusion. The employees prepare orders and are given help and opportunities to have a second chance.

What do you think of them? Do you sometimes branch out and wear something 'completely different'?

Sadie xxx

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thriftylilpixie said...

Beautiful trainers and their ethical nature makes them feel so special I'd love a pair!