Monday, 13 September 2010

Next Pop-Up Shop!

Hello lovely readers! I've got something very exciting for you today... a Next Pop-Up Shop!

Next contacted me recently with this exciting proposal, and of course, I couldn't say no :). They're launching their A/W 2010 collection, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. It seems to encompass all of the top trends - remember me talking about how I'm looking forward to highstreet versions of the Prada 'Mad Men' style? Well, Next have delivered the goods: I'm definitely seeing a 60s influence in the coat and dress below.

I've chosen 4 of my favourite looks from their new collection, so... clockwise from top left:

1) I couldn't resist picking this one, simply for its amazing Burberry-esque aviator jacket - definitely a key wardrobe staple this winter. This version is faux-lamb skin, and looks lovely and warm. I also love how the chunky socks have been paired with the brown boots - I'll be trying this myself soon, although I don't know if I can pull it off!

2) This is my absolute favourite look - slightly preppy but without looking like you've just come out of the classroom. I like how the shorts and lapel details add a nice twist to this classic suit, whilst still keeping it appropriate as office wear. And the lace up shoes are yummy!

3) My favourite aspect of this outfit was the brown leather bag... does it remind you of a certain it-bag...? The coat is also beautiful - very 60s, with its peter-pan style collar and princess sleeves.

4) A lovely simple 60s style trapeze dress with a demure colour palette - perfect for strolls around Paris, as seen in the ad campaign - but also for nights out or posh meals :). The court shoes are pretty lovely too.

And now on to the exciting bit... the pop-up shop! It reminds me a bit of Gok Wan's capsule wardrobes... everything sort of matches everything else. If you like any of the items in these 4 outfits, click on the item on the grid and it should link you through to the Next website, where you can look at the items in more detail... I'm very excited by this modern technology!

I hope it all works properly!
Which is your favourite item?

Sadie xxx


Belle xx said...

wow you have chosen some fabulous pieces, i really like the chunky gold watch.
i must admit i previous thought of next as a "mumsy" kind of shop. but these items are so bang on trend i am def going to have a look in store! plus have you seen any of the home stuff? it is amazing!
i agree with you - this technology is great!

Jazzabelle said...

ohh, i've done this too! i agree, the technology we have nowadays is great! i love your reasons for why you picked each outfit (:

love, jazzabelle. xx

the girl in the bowler hat said...

You've picked out some lovely lovely lovely items! I love lace-up heels, such gorgeous colours!


Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

I've visited your blog before and i find it very inspiring!
Take a look at my fashionblog too (:
- And follow me back, if you want!


Anonymous said...

How cool and exciting! I am especially digging the lace-up court shoes! WANT, WANT, WANT!

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For me the best is first picture with this girl short jacket looks so cool and sexy

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