Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Tea Party & Accessorize A/W Pendants!

On a slightly drizzly Saturday afternoon I decided it would be a great idea to have a Mad-Hatter's Tea Party themed photoshoot (yes, I know I'm a bit of a late joiner to the Alice and Wonderland bandwagon!). I thought it would be the perfect setting to show off some more of the Accessorize A/W 2010 jewellery - this time, a slightly more whimisical set of pendants!

These ones are my personal favourites from the collection - I'm very tempted to buy myself the 'Pearly Specs' pendant (especially seeing as I'm a secret glasses wearer! shh!).

I think they look good layered together for a nice quirky, 'English eccentric' effect - and as you know, I'm a big fan of this look, especially when it comes to jewellery. Delicate faux-pearl sections and bows add interest to the long chains in true Accessorize style - definitely transforming the necklaces into something a bit more up-market than just simple pendants.

So what if I'm a fan of the 'builders brew'...

I've chosen to pair the necklaces with this beautiful polkadot dress, kindly given to me by my boyfriend's mum during a wardrobe clearout. It's definitely going to get a lot of wear! The Mad-Hatter top hat is homemade - I went to an Alice in Wonderland themed 18th earlier in the Summer and dabbled in a bit of millinery with my PrittStick and Cornflakes boxes.

And finally - what do you think of my teacups? I've been stocking up on vintage crockery for uni, and I found these pretty little things in a charity shop for £3. Incidentally, the 'tablecloth' is also set to be my new duvet cover (very Urban Outfitters-esque, but a complete steal at £4... charity shop ♥)!

Sadie xxx

P.S. I loved your styling suggestions for the last necklace - so, same question here: how would you style these pendants? :)


arnique said...

I love Bonne Maman jam! It somehow always seems homemade though truly commercial. Excellent tea cups, I did tea parties too over the summer and I wish I had time to have one again.

A from A + B in the Sea

21 said...

Totally cute! Love that tablecloth/duvet cover where is it from? I collect vintagey tea cups and saucers too, I have a whole shelf so sweet! x

Carina said...

I LOVE this post. Alice in Wonderland will never get old, neither I hope will tea parties ever die out. Your outfit is amazing.

xx Carina

Heather said...

This was a cute idea, I really like your dress.

Shallow Mallow said...

That looks like a PROPER cup a'!

Love the pendants, especially the scissors - you make for one well dressed hatter :)

cococorie said...

I love it!! Every single photo is awesome :)
Kisses from Spain.

Outofseasonface said...

This is perfect! I love these photos and your outfit!
I feel like adding those accessories any plain outfit (little black dress, jeans and a T, etc) will give it such a great boost!

Katie said...

Those pendants are adorable! Also i never would've guessed that the hat was made of cardboard haha, nice work :) you look lovely as always!

Steph0188 said...

amazing photos hunny :)

Meghan said...

What a wonderful idea, you look lovely!

Kat said...

you're so adorable :P hehe those necklesses are beaut :)

i love the vintagey teacups and stuff, i would use them to store jewellery :D

the girl in the bowler hat said...

I love this post of yours, the photographs are so simple yet so lovely! The alice in wonderland theme never grows old.
The necklaces are certainly something I'd notice when browsing accessorize, I'm a big fan of the eccentric look!

If I was wearing them myself I'd maybe team them with dunagrees or something with braces, and a t-shirt, knee high socks and maybe brogues and a jacket of some sort, if I was feeling daring my bowler hat too!
I'd wear them with a floaty collared blouse with a high waisted skirt, ankle lace socks and again brogues for a different take of the accessories.

I think I'm getting carried away..


Paige Tanya said...

Very nice photos! I love this style!

Tami said...

I absolutely Love the theme! The scissors and sunglasses are soo unique! GREAT BLOG! I lovee your posts:)
Can you check out my blog please? Thanks!

Hannah said...

I like the idea of styling the rabbit necklace with something really simple. I've got a few necklaces from LadyLuckRulesOK that are real statement pieces and I usually try to keep the outfit simple, so the necklace stands out.
I'd wear it with either a breton striped top, or a plain sheer white v-neck tee, a little over-sized maybe, tucked into a pair of skinny jeans, and some pumps or brogues.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hey, we've been regular readers of the blog for a while and I'm loving the vintage feel of your recent photos.

The necklace medley is a perfect combo - the sunglasses are my favourite.



sophiemakesthings said...

Ah I do love a spot of tea in the garden :) especially when the crockery and settings are as pretty as this! Lovely outfit, the spectacles necklace is my favourite. make sure you save that hat for any fancy dress occasions at uni! it looks expertly made :) xxx

Rita P. said...

woow amazing post!
I love this photoshoot! and the pendats are amazing :D

amazing tea set!


Justice Pirate said...

very cool set. I love all the tea cups and tea pots. I think they are so pretty, but I don't drink anything like tea or coffee so I would have no use for any. wah. Love your t-straps and outfit!!! cute hat!

Anabell said...

wowww!! This is my 1st time in ur blog and i must say that im completely in love with it! Ur pics are amazing and not to mention ur looks! Very creative! This post as u said reminds me to Alice in Wonderland and this scena where all are having a cup of tea is my favorite!! XOXO! :)

Sarah with an "h" said...

Cute! The outfit is great and the necklaces are very cool and eccentric. And I love your teacups!


Dear diary said...

I♥your blog :)