Saturday, 13 October 2012

My retro laptop bag

I think I was probably a little bit too much in 'Brighton mode' when I bought this mini retro suitcase on my summer holiday this year, with the intention of using it to carry my laptop into work in Paris. Let's just say I stick out like a really really sore thumb, with the brightest colour in the average commuter's outfit being dark navy. I secretly sort of like the fact that I can feel all eyes (judgemental or admiring) flicking to it, or even outright staring at it for an entire journey.

It's absolutely ideal for my beast of a laptop (forget the sleek iMac blogger look), and once it is lined with a sheet of foam it provides just enough protection.

I bought it at To Be Worn Again, one of my favourite shops in Brighton, and THE place to go if you want to buy vintage shoes (they have an entire room upstairs with walls and walls of shoes arranged in colour order). I actually spotted it in the window on my way out, on our very last day in Brighton, and I had just enough holiday money left over to buy it. Practical, pretty, cheap(ish) and vintage... how could I resist??

I must stop referring to it as a 'vintage laptop bag' though, as I somehow don't think that was its original purpose!

What do you think of it?

Sadie xxx

P.S. I love all of the stationery shops here. I bought this little notebook on the starionery floor at Le Bon Marché (one of the few things I could actually afford, in and amongst the €1000 pens and other ridiculously priced writing paraphernalia...).


rachel said...

It's not even really my style, but I like it! It's good to get to a place where you feel ok standing out in a foreign country, even if all the locals are super chic. The Parisians may look chic to us, but they're probably secretly jealous of your ability to wear something that stands out.

Prince Cherr said...

That is a really neat bag! And I think that European stationary is great, theres a couple of European style stationary stores down under here and they're a BIG hit.

Sallytangle said...

That is one super duper snazzy bag!!! I love!!!!!xxxx

Joyce said...

Your 'vintage laptop bag' looks like a suitcase, injecting some colour into paris. :)

Love Joyce

Lilpixie said...

So cute! I love that its so retro and different as a laptop carrier

Puput said...

that's a lovely laptop bag. i want one :p

Le Fresne said...

So much better than my standard black one. At least I rarely take it out in public!

le fresne x