Sunday, 4 November 2012

Paris thrift: Guerrisol

Woooops, it has been a long time since my last post. I've had this one lined up for a while (can you tell that the photos were taken at a warmer time?) but between working and doing Parisian things, actually posting sort of slipped my mind. For example, I went to the café where parts of Amélie were filmed the other day, and had my first ever crême brulée. Then I went back for another one. So you can see that I've been doing very important things with my time ;).

Two new items in this outfit were sourced from my new favourite Parisian shopping destination, Guerrisol, THE place to go to satisfy all of your thrifting desires. Inside each Guerrisol shop await mountains of second hand clothing to sort through (you can tell who is a seasoned Guerrisol shopper; they always work so systematically). I bought this skirt (€5) and scarf (€3) back in August when I met up with Lyzi and Ella for a day of thrifting, visiting the various Guerrisol shops scattered around northern Paris. Lyzi picked up this pretty pink skirt!

Whilst it's not quite a charity shop, I love the fact that Guerrisol helps recycle clothes and sells them on at an affordable price. The shops are stark and unpretentious, a nice break from the usual in Paris. But that doesn't mean that some of the chic Parisian bloggers haven't sung its praises!

So if you're out and about in Paris, don't forget to add Guerrisol to your list of shopping destinations - it should be right up there with the vintage shops of the Marais.

Sadie xxx

P.S. Who could resist posing against what appears to be the only red brick wall in Paris? Not me!


Sallytangle said...

I love this and i love the scarf, a really lovely colour palette too :) And so jealous you are in Paris always...just incase that wasn't already obvious lol.

Lots of love xxx

Hannah said...

Great outfit, I love your scarf! That place sounds like my dream come true!

Gemini Tauberge said...

ooh sounds like a great recommendation, I'll have to check it out! The Marais shops are lovely but get too crowded for my tastes.


Annie-Lou said...

That skirt is so perfect! Looks lovely on you, I love the way you have styled it :) X

look see said...

Lovely outfit and photos! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

adorable scarf! i loveeee amelie!


Laura said...

love the skirt, it looks really pretty with that top:) and i'm so jealous of you going to the amelie cafe, i've always wanted to go there, haha! x

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Very cute outfit. I love the colors. They suit you perfectly!

FESI-NOIR said...

Wauw this outfit is so classy and cute. Looks really good on you.
The scarf makes it perfect.

xx Fesi-Noir