Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ethical Christmas Present Guide: Boyfriends

I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds buying presents for men (specifically: boyfriends) hard. With this in mind, I've compiled a little ethical gift guide for men. I'm not really one for buying presents-for-the-sake-of-presents, but these gifts also give a little bit back to the world, which is a nice idea.

Any man that receives any of these things is luckier than my poor old boyfriend, as I'm sadly not quite rich enough to afford them on an intern's wage. But it's the thought that counts, right? Sadly the Dr Who hand-knitted scarf that has been requested several times is several years from completion (not started).

a) Oliver Navy Block Jumper £140, People Tree / b) Olive Bush Boot £59.95, Vegetarian Shoes / c) Green Energy £32, Oxfam Unwrapped / d) WeWOOD Army Wooden Watch £89, Ethical Superstore / e) Kopi Men's Wool Scarf €60.75 Komodo / f) Fire hose Billfold Wallet £62, Yours Sustainably / g) Hudson Blue Felt Hat £49.95, Pachacuti / h) Ethletic High Top Trainers £44, The Fair Corp / i) Set of 4 men's stripey socks £18.50, Bamboo Clothing / j) Laughing grey sweatshirt (organic) £40, Conquer Gear

...although perhaps that amazing Pachacuti hat can count for Christmas and birthday? Hmm!

Any tip-offs for other great ethical gifts? Send them this way!

Sadie xxx


Ignorant Awareness said...

Forget about my boyfriend- I want that wooden watch for myself, lol!

Sadie said...

Haha, me too!

Svenja said...

Very well chosen! It is totally hard to find presents for men especially on a low budget because you can not just get them cute little things.

Puput said...

i would like to give sweater or jumper for my boyfriend :p

Sallytangle said...

That watch is beautiful!!!!! How odd but lovely. My other half would love it. I have (fortunately got him sorted). Only as i anticipated how much i would stress about it otherwise so got it on Oct. This is not normally my thing, to be that organised! Seriously considering this for his bday tho….great post xxxxx