Saturday, 11 May 2013

A porridge-themed t-shirt by Howies

I really must get in to the habit of sharing random amazing things that I find when browsing the internet. Oddly, I came across this porridge-themed t-shirt when reading an academic article for my dissertation, which pointed towards as an example of an ethical fashion brand. Naturally, seeking a little distraction, I googled them, and before long I was on their company blog, where I spotted the t-shirt.

I'm considering buying it for when I get back to uni this year. Appropriate, because I can occasionally be found wandering down the street with a bowl of porridge and a spoon, if I am running particularly late (actually a necessity rather than a silly stunt, so I don't keep my friends waiting).

The excellent news is that it is 100% organic cotton, rather than 73% cotton (explained on the site), and is screenprinted by hand in Cardigan, Wales. It also comes in a men's version.

Sadie xxx

P.S. Just realised that if you order one this weekend, you get a FREE BOX OF PORRIDGE by the luxury cereals brand, Dorset Cereals...!


Letitia - The Fashion Editor said...

I looovee the Howies jeans which is how I discovered them. Nice to see they have funky tees as well :)

Anonymous said...

For a porridge lover like you, this t-shirt will be one of the best! I love the color of this shirt that you presented but does it come in pink? If they do, I hope you can tell me. I’m looking for a great pink shirt that I can send as a gift to my sister. Thanks. :D

-Vernia Soriano-