Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ethical bags: Elephant Branded

I love the idea of social enterprises - just a fantastic way to empower people who would otherwise face poverty. Elephant Branded is an inspiring social enterprise founded by two students not much older than me (yikes) aiming to help out communities in Africa and Asia, first by providing essential school items to children, and secondly by providing work and training to the adult villagers who are then paid a fair wage. The ultimate aim is to bring about positive, sustainable change in the communities.

As well as being very attractive pieces, the bags have the added advantage of being made with recycled materials, which gives them their distinctive look. So they have pretty much ticked all of the boxes there!

Pictured above is my favourite item from the site, the large EB Clipper (the perfect weekend/gym bag, that is, if you like going to the gym, haha), and I am also a massive fan of the smaller version. With the purchase of one of these, a school bag is donated to a child. They also have wallets, purses, laptop cases and rucksacks... check out the shop here. Oh, and the prices are rather amazing, too.

Here is a quick video from the site...

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