Thursday, 9 May 2013

Silly trousers

My blog has been somewhat lacking in the whole 'Sadie's Wardrobe' department lately, mainly due to the ridiculously long winter, a shortage of space, and a shortage of time (and a shortage of chocolate-based incentives). However, here in France, May is basically ALL bank holiday, giving me a chance to a) move the furniture around in the flat so I have a place to do my best posing and b) don silly outfits without the risk of The Metro Stare.

On reflection, this outfit isn't even that silly, and I'd put it on in England without batting an eyelid. As for the top half - well, who actually does their hair and make up on a bank holiday? Not me, that's for sure! So I will leave my giant spot and bright-orange-towel-wrapped hair to the imagination.

But outfit photos aren't all lies, don't worry... I do plan to face the commute AND the office in this attire next week.

I bought the trousers for just €5 at 'Vintage Desire' in Montmartre, just around the corner from Abbesses and Tudo Bom. According to the shopping bag, there are actually two in Paris (I think I have been to the other one as well without realising it!).

28 rue Yvonne le Tac

32 rue des Rosiers (right next to loads of amazing falafel places!)

Sadie xxx

P.s. I must confess that my sandals are a new purchase and are not ethical. However, I have made sure that they are excellent quality and built to last, as a sort of justification - and they are my only pair of sandals.


Laura said...

love the pants! x

Sallytangle said...

You cant go wrong with a flowery trew in my book. Lovely :) xxx

Joyce said...

I love your belt!! <3

Anonymous said...

I love these trousers - I'm not really a trousers person (too attached to my dresses!) but I think I'd make an exception for these! Love them with the sandals! x

Phan Jenny said...

Hey Sadie, where did u get those sandals?