Thursday, 15 November 2012

A bit of a 'relooking'

'Relooking' is my favourite new French word... their bizarre version of 'make over'. You can pay extra money at the hairdressers for a 'relooking'. That is, if you're particularly brave. I personally don't fancy a makeover conducted in a foreign language.

Haircuts aside, I decided that it was high time my blog had a little change of design, as the old one feels just as stagnant as the frequency at which I post. In theory, this will motivate me to post more, but we shall see. I really want to get back into blogging properly, although whether or not this will actually happen is another story of course! This makes it sound like I don't enjoy blogging anymore, which is definitely not true (if it was, I'd just stop!). Thankyou to anyone patient enough to stick around despite the giant tumbleweeds rolling across my section of the internet.

I'm fairly pleased with the new design, but if anyone has any constructive criticism please feel free to let me know! I literally just discovered the benefits of .png files, making everything look a bit sleeker than before (I hope). However, after battling with Photoshop for more time than is acceptable, I took to my old friend MS Paint to do most of the graphics. Such a professional. Shh.

Anyway, I've also got a snazzy new matching Twitter account, which has somehow gained a load of followers all of a sudden. You can find me here: @sadieswardrobe

I'll hopefully be back soon with some actual posts.

Watch this space!

Sadie xxx


Peacock's Hat said...

You know I've literally been meaning to redo my blog design forever but am just so damn clueless!I think yours looks nice and clean, unlike mine which is horribly cluttered!

Sadie's Wardrobe said...

That's the look I was going for, I'm glad you say so! Congrats on your new(ish) job by the way, sounds brilliant! And I hope you had a good time in Paris! x

Ali said...

It looks great - very fresh. I followed you on twitter (I'm alibell)
I've just re-done my blog design too! but tell me more about these png files... would they fix my problem of blogger reducing the quality of the images in my sidebar?