Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'The Life of a T-shirt' Infographic

Infographics get a lot of stick nowadays, but there are still some that are definitely worth seeing. I think this one quite accurately describes some of the reasons why I think twice about buying something new - namely water and pesticide consumption. If you stop and think about it, it's pretty shocking how much goes into one t-shirt, bearing in mind just how many the average shop stocks.

Thanks to the Urban Times for this infographic, produced in collaboration with TextƧure.

Life of a T-Shirt infographic

Sadie xxx


Joyce said...

This is so enlightening! Thanks for sharing. Certainly struck a chord with me.

Py said...

Hi Sadie :)

I was just wondering if you have any recommendations for secondhand shops in Paris?

Anonymous said...

whoa this surprised me! thank you for sharing the info, Sadie :)

Come and hail to my cruise~

Sew on Trend said...

Hi Sadie,
great infographic. After seeing it on your blog, I shared it on mine. In my university there have been lots of discussions and there is a lot of research going on to find sustainable new fibres. The graphic sums up all the things very nicely. It's time that more people think about those things, in Germany Greenpeace has just started a big campaign to inform about the dangerous use of chemicals in fast fashion companies


This is probably also the reason why something like a fire in a textile company in Bangladesh is now on the news in German media.