Saturday, 17 November 2012

DIY: How to make pompoms!

For some unknown reason, I recently had a massive urge to make pompoms. This is an activity I used to do with my mum when I was little, and is surprisingly easy (the proof: a 6 year old me could manage it!). I picked up the wool at the largest charity shop I have ever seen, Emmaüs, in the 19th arrondissement here in Paris. But more on this incredible shop another time. The balls of wool were 50 cents each as they were partially used, not that that even matters... making for a very cheap and fun little DIY!

You will need:
Sheet of cardboard (an old cereal packet will do)
Jar lid & coin (to draw around)

1) On your sheet of cardboard, draw around the jam jar lid twice.
2) Place the coin in the centre and draw around that too
 3) Cut the shapes out
4) Place the circles one on top of the other, and cut out a little wedge shape. This is a sneaky trick to make the process a bit quicker, but if you want a more even pompom just leave the two circles intact. Basically, this wedge method means that you don't have to awkwardly pass the wool through the small centre hole every time you wind.
5) Start to wind your wool around the two layers of cardboard.
6) Continue until the whole thing is covered and is several layers thick!
7) Take the scissors, and poke the end in between the two pieces of cardboard.
8) With the scissors between the two pieces of card, and with a firm grip on the centre of the pompom, cut all the way around the edge.
9) Thread a length of wool around the pompom, between the two pieces of card. Tie it in a tight knot as close to the core of the pompom as possible. You can repeat this a few times for extra pompom security.
 10) Remove the pieces of card! Et voilà!

And here's one I made earlier...
'But why would I want a pompom?', I hear you ask! Well, there are a million uses for a pompom and they are definitely 100% necessary as general household decoration, fashion accessories and finishing touches for all manner of customisation projects. If anyone has any fantastic suggestions, please feel free to mention them in a comment!

Also, aim for second hand wool if possible: it's just as good, 5x cheaper and doesn't use extra resources. Keep your pompoms ethical, guys! haha.

Sadie xxx


Rose-et-Violet said...

I am knitting a hat, and I wanted to add a pom-pom, and your tutorial is really easy to follow, and extremely helpful! Thanks for this post. Your pom-poms are so full and lovely :)


Anonymous said...

Pom-poms make great ear warmers.... : ) ?

Ali said...

I love making pompoms! it's kind of addictive. my mum and I made about 50 one weekend (using leftover wool of course!) and made a hideous scarf out of them all.
You've inspired me though, I've just moved overseas and didn't bring any christmas decorations with me, I think I need another pompom making session to decorate my christmas tree!