Sunday, 27 June 2010

Prom Dresses from Rare Fashion

Hello! I have been an absolutely dreadful blogger lately, due to A-Level exams... but I had my last one on Friday, meaning I'm now free for three whole months! AAAH! All I've been wearing recently is pretty much jeans & a t-shirt (revision really sucks all the creativity out of a person), so I'm keen to get back to blogging and actually wearing nice things. Hooray!

As you may remember, in my last post I mentioned that I was desperately searching for a prom dress. Well, I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful Babydoll Chiffon dress from Rare (you might have seen the brand in the concessions section at Topshop), and it has completely solved the issue! The dress is girly and floaty, and, as an added bonus, it looks like it could easily belong in either of my favourite two decades - the 20s & the 60s. As my prom is going to be slightly less formal than the normal sort, I don't think its length is a problem - and its just that little bit different from all the others. What do you think of it?

Anyway, as its 'that time of year' again - the prom season, I thought I'd recommend Rare if you're still looking for a dress! Their clothes are good value for money, won't break the bank, and the dresses can easily be re-styled for casual wear. I couldn't decide between these dresses (especially as they're now in the sale):

They also have a new, more luxurious line called 'Rare Opulence' if you're looking for something extra special. Aaaand... if you type in 'OPULENCE' at the checkout, you get 20% off!
I hope this didn't sound too much like an advertising feature - I'd only ever promote brands if I think you'd like them - I'm really loving the vintage vibe in all of Rare's dresses!

I'll be back soon :) - yay freedom!

Sadie xxx

Friday, 4 June 2010

Get the Mod look!

Hello everyone :). Over the last week, I've been searching high and low all over the internet for a prom dress for my end of year ball, meaning I've probably seen almost every dress on the internet by now (almost sounds like I'm complaining... but I'm really not - couldn't imagine a better way to procrastinate!). Anyway, whilst looking through billions of dresses, I amassed a little pile of mod-style ones that I couldn't help but put in my 'favourites' folder. So I thought I might as well show you all, because they're rather beautiful (if a little expensive).

Of course, the peter-pan collar was an inevitable addition to the list of 60s mod style! So to kick off... two beautiful examples of the classic collared dress. I couldn't resist adding this TBA one, with its beautiful hand-made collar and luxurious silky fabric - although the price tag makes me want to cry! This YUKI one is a cheaper alternative, and just as charming :).

And some more beautiful dresses! The one on the left is probably one I could just about get away with for the prom itself (obviously hem-lines are rising from the traditional below the knee protocol)... or maybe even the Dorothy Perkins one? Hmm! But my favourite is without a doubt the middle one - just so 'Biba'!
Aaaand, of course, some parkas! Unfortunately I couldn't find any fishtail ones, although I'm sure there are some on eBay. The Urban Outfitters one is quite effective though with its army design.
And finally some accessories (and shoes). I had to include the Cheryl Cole eyelashes because they're the most Mod. In fact, I hate to admit it, but I really love her style sometimes - she sometimes does look like she just stepped out of the 60s! I'm going to have to get myself a pair of false eyelashes, even if its just for dressing up :) hehe. I also couldn't resist these sunglasses...

I should be back soonish with a post about an exciting gift my boyfriend bought for me :)... aah, can't wait to show you all!

In the meantime... which dress is your favourite?

Sadie xxx