Saturday, 25 August 2012

Lost in Paris

I'm sorry for my very long absence... I've been settling into life in Paris, and cramming in all the touristy things before I start work in September! I've also been a bit nervous about taking photos out in the street. Being a typical Parisian apartment, the place where I live doesn't have a private garden that I can set my tripod up in, and I'm not too keen on plonking it down in the street. So posts from Paris may be a bit limited, except times when the boyfriend is visiting and where a quiet side street is available.

On to the fashion: I didn't really believe that Parisians would be as chic as everyone makes out. Well, turns out they are. It's the little touches like the hair clasps, dainty sandals and ankle length trousers that do it, that and the fact that their colour palette rarely varies from black, navy or tan. I have slightly adapted my look so I fit in, as, after a while, you just don't want to be treated like a tourist anymore (I live here, daahling). So here is my monochrome Parisian ensemble.

Couldn't resist adding a pop of colour with a skinny green belt though.

The top is vintage (ebay), skirt from a charity shop (originally Monsoon), belt from my old dressing up box, and bag and shoes were naughty new and not strictly ethical purchases.

Ohhh... and I just braved a French hairdresser and got my chic Parisian bob, hehe.

Sadie xxx