Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Sunshine & A Homemade Blouse

I have finally finished exams and I'm back home - which can only mean one thing: lots of time for blogging! Unfortunately my blog always gets a bit neglected at this time of year (as does a lot of the blogosphere!), but I'm sure you can understand why - exams have to come first.

I've only been home for a matter of days, but I have been itching to get back to sewing, so I jumped straight back in with the pattern cutting, pinning and hemming to produce this 50s/60s style sleeveless top. It had to be sleeveless, because I only had a metre of material - but I think it is better that way, and besides, I barely have any sleeveless tops for the summer!

The material is left over from when I made a bow-tie for my boyfriend's birthday - so I'm hoping we don't match one day by accident! Since then, it has been a 'table cloth' for my bed side table, but after packing up my university room I thought it might look better as an item of clothing.

This is probably my favourite creation to-date, largely because I spent a bit more time on it and paid more attention to the finish. For once, I have covered all the seams - so I don't need to worry that it will fall apart in the wash!
I used the same pattern that I used for this blouse, and again had to adapt the dress pattern (making sure to add material for the button overlap). I also changed the collar from a pointy one, to a rounded one, in keeping with the 60s aesthetic that I love so much (trying to aim for a sort of 'Orla Kiely' look). The thing that is great about patterns is that once you have found one that fits, you can carry on making lots of different items and feel confident that they will all be the right size!

I know lots of you have asked for advice on sewing, and all I can really say is just try it out! Patterns are brilliant because all you have to do is cut out the pieces and sew them together - they usually include instructions as well to explain the more complicated bits. My favourite place to find patterns is eBay, as there are loads of lovely vintage ones up for grabs! Bear in mind that you might have to go for a larger size than usual - I have used up to a size 14 vintage pattern, although I am a modern size 10. Also watch out for american sizing differences!

Sadie xxx