Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Paper-Bag Waist Shorts: Look #2

I cannot put into words how much I LOVE these shorts. They go with everything. I've worn them all week - and re-cycled this look twice (shh!). I can tell that me and the shorts are going to be friends for years to come :).

This outfit is probably one of my most 'outdoorsy' ensembles to date, partly because the shorts remind me of explorers, and partly because I've got two leaves and a pair of binoculars dangling around my neck... I normally don't bother much with jewellery, but I thought these items would look ideal layered together. What do you think?

** Please note that the photo on the right is there purely for amusement. I call it my Apprentice pose. Hopefully Sir Alan Sugar will now hire me.**

I've just realised that this blog is officially ONE! Happy Birthday blog :D. It was weird having a look at some of my older entries and seeing how my style has changed over the course of a year! I feel like I should do something exciting like a layout change but I'm too scared to tamper with all of the coding, so I shall leave it like this for a little while. Just thought I'd say thankyou to all of my lovely readers for continuing to read and comment on the blog! I really appreciate all the feedback :D.

Anyway! Which look is your favourite? Look #1 or Look #2?

Sadie xxx

P.S. I'm just adding the finishing touches to a Mod-style dress... I'll be sure to show you all when it's finished :)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Paper-Bag Waist Shorts: Look #1

I went a bit crazy in H&M on Monday... and bought £93 worth of clothes. Poor bank account. After taking part in Wardrobe Refashion for 2 months, it feels SO weird buying new things, at full price... I feel a bit guilty, but I really wanted to treat myself after the history coursework, plus I really really love my purchases.

And here are two of said purchases: some beige paper-bag waist shorts from 'The Garden Collection' (£19.99), and a cropped black jacket, which is slightly assymetric (£14.99). I can tell these two items are going to get a lot of wear! Definitely check out 'The Garden Collection' if you have a spare 5 minutes - they've got some really nice floaty floral dresses and some beautifully structured jackets and shorts. I'm quite tempted to go back and buy a few more things!

It seemed immediately obvious that the two items could be perfectly tied together by my breton top - I'm pretty sure the colour beige is a match made in heaven for this beloved striped companion of mine.

I'm not really sure what the colours are like on these photos - my laptop has decided that it doesn't want to turn on anymore, so I'm left with an old computer whose colour settings are a bit weird; not the best of things when you're trying to use photoshop. Hopefully they're not too atrocious.

Anyway, as you may guess from the title, I've got another look planned for these shorts! They're incredibly versatile - which helps to justify spending so much money! So come back soon for Look #2 :)

Sadie xxx

P.S. There's a competition on over at The Lonely Teapot - a blog that is filled with inspiration, pretty photos and regular 'Top Picks' from the highstreet - Amy, the writer, finds the most beautiful clothes :). Check it out, and don't forget to enter the competition!

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I'm delighted to announce that I've finally finished that horribly time-consuming history coursework, so I'm freeee now to do as much blogging/shopping/sewing as I want :) yay! I've spent the last few days relaxing, playing monopoly (booo, I lost) and doing a spot of vintage shopping with the boyfriend. Hoping to dust off my sewing machine tomorrow and re-start my clothes 'production line'!

Anyway, today, after donning an outfit involving a houndstooth polo-neck (thrifted for £1) I had a sudden moment of inspiration to take some 60s-style photos. I didn't originally intend to post them up because they were really a spur of the moment kind of thing (I very nearly ran out of natural light as well, hence the graininess). But I was really pleased with how they turned out, so here they are! They're a bit of a reference to Op-Art, mixed up with some old photos of Twiggy and a nice dose of mod style.

Thumbs up for beehives, fake eyelashes and red lipstick!

You may notice that my arms are in the air in every photo - thats because I had to hold up the 'background', haha.

As it happens, the background is hopefully going to be the fabric for my next sewing project - but I haven't decided what to make yet! What do you think, a dress, or a jacket?

Sadie xxx