Thursday, 5 August 2010

Motel 'Recycle & Reinvent' Shorts

With university looming, I really ought to be saving up for such boring things as supermarket shops and electricity bills. Unfortunately for my future wellbeing, I keep finding beautiful clothes at temptingly bargainalicious prices, and of course, inevitably end up taking them home to add to my already overflowing wardrobe.

One such item is this pair of Motel 'Recycle & Reinvent' shorts - amazingly, I (think) they were made from an old flannel shirt. According to the label, 'each garment is handpicked, unpicked and reinvented, to change the future'. Even better was the price - just £7.50 in the sale! They had a pair in every colour/pattern imaginable, but I went for these ones as they seem to go with the largest amount of things.

Anyway, I feel like they're justified as a purchase on many levels, as apart from the price and the fact that they're upcycled, they'll come in very handy in October when I plan to be riding my bicycle everywhere: and you can't ride a bicycle in a skirt!

Vintage Silk Shirt - £6
Vintage Jumper - £2
Motel Shorts - £7.50
Vintage Belt - Can't remember!
Vintage Sunglasses - 20p
Loafers - €10

I paired them with my silk shirt and loafers from my previous post, as well as my favourite jumper and belt. The bag you see is a vintage music satchel - I mainly included it because it matches the shorts so well! haha.

Sadie xxx

P.S. I keep forgetting to mention it, but I'm on the Elizabeth Lau website! See if you can spot me!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Strawberries and Cream :)

= Proper English summer food.

(I don't actually like strawberries and cream, haha, but I do love strawberries with a liberal sprinkling of sugar).

I've driven past this little roadside fruit kiosk countless times, but never actually stopped off to make a purchase. So the other day I finally decided to pull into their dusty carpark and hop out. Unfortunately, me and my boyfriend (who kindly took these photos for me), only had 20p to our name and left with just one small orange. No doubt we will return some time in the near future to buy a punnet of shiny red strawberries.

It just so happens that it was an ideal location for some outfit photos - handy because I have some new thrifted purchases to show you!

(Excuse the socks)
So, whats new to the wardrobe?

1) Vintage silk blouse: I found this for £6 in a local vintage shop, yum. It's a teeny bit big for me but I love the collar (peterpan, no less) and the pintucks on the front. It goes with everything, hooray! I've been wearing it tucked into shorts and under pinafores.

2) Highwaisted linen 3/4 length trousers: unbelievably, I found these in New Look, for just £8. They're going to be handy for riding bicycles at uni, and are a useful transitional item! Plus, they're my first ever pair of highwaisted trousers.

3) Tan leather loafers: I bought these when I was on holiday for €10 in a second hand shop! They're a total bargain seeing as I've worn them every day since I bought them, and they're oh-so-comfy.

What do you think of them?

Sadie x

P.S. It was very interesting to read your responses to the last post! I'd have to agree with the majority opinion: personal style blogs are definitely my favourites!