Saturday, 19 November 2011


I must confess, I have a serious problem with buying coats. I now have a family of at least 8 spread across various wardrobes, and last weekend they gained a new sibling.

Now, just to explain, last weekend I went back home so that I could work and earn some extra money. But unfortunately, I work in a designer outlet, which somehow transforms even the poorest student's mindset into one that believes that £165 is a reasonable price for an item of clothing. So over the course of the weekend, rather than gaining lots of money, I lost a significant portion of my student loan and instead came home with a beautiful beautiful beautiful coat.

The coat is from a Spanish brand called Masscob, and if you look carefully you can see my coat in their Autumn/Winter lookbook. Mmmm-mmm. According to the website...

 "Marga and Jacobo (the designers) just follow their instinct, they don´t have a precise point of inspiration. Their designs emerge spontaneously and do not follow any predetermined process, sometimes just a substance of a fabric or a vintage detail it’s the beginning for a new collection."

I can certainly see vintage details shining through the design - the cut on the shoulders is a particular favourite of mine, as of course is the pretty peter-pan collar detail (how very predictable of me). In any case, I feel chic and sophisticated when I'm wearing it, if a little scared it might get damaged (it officially retails at £331). And as such, I have named it 'The Paris Coat' for my impending year abroad starting next year.

I have been a bit absent from Sadie's Wardrobe lately, but that's because I have been busy working on various other blogging projects! One of which is for Oxfam Fashion - you can find my first article here! The other project is a new paid job I have sort of stumbled into... but more on that at a later time!

Sadie xxx