Monday, 19 March 2012

Monkee Genes!

When I made the decision to start buying ethically earlier this year, I was a bit worried about how I'd buy
ethical jeans, having not heard of any companies who sold them - or at least, companies who had a choice of more than one or two styles. But Monkee Genes have saved the day with their huge range of design options... with 'Skinny', 'Supa-Skinny', 'Skin', Flares, 'Slim Fit', Shorts AND Chinos to choose from, in the largest selection of different fabrics and finishes I have ever seen (have a look here).

I chose their 'Skin' Fit style, which is the skinniest of all the styles available on their website. And I must say I'm genuinely very very impressed. These jeans use their 'Bamboo' fabric which is made from natural fibres known as Tencel (more sustainable than cotton), making them super soft. But the best thing I noticed about the fabric is that it somehow maintains the shape of the jeans. I've worn them most days since they arrived and they still feel as good as new every time. Nothing worse than baggy knees!

The jeans are made in a factory in Indonesia which is certified by the Soil Association, and has commitment to not using sweatshops and child labour - one of the brand's biggest selling points in my eyes. That, and the fact that they are so well made... I doubt I'll have any trouble with zips breaking or seams ripping after a close inspection of the details.

It's surprisingly hard to model jeans but I hope these photos give you an idea! Thought I'd roll up the legs a bit as it was a sunny day :).

Jeans c/o Monkee Genes, Vintage Lace top: Carboot, Vintage Blazer: Charity Shop, Shoes: Vintage shop in south of France!

For these photos I dared to venture to a public place with my tripod and camera remote. I spotted this location on my university campus a few weeks ago: a strangely 'forgotten' old changing room that is still in use as a ladies bathroom but contains hints of its former use (and décor!). The pipes I'm standing on were still connected to the central heating, and I assume once heated benches under the pegs. As soon as I walked in here I knew it needed to be used as an outfit location... just needed to pluck up the courage to face the risk of people walking in and having to awkwardly explain that I'm a 'fashion blogger', not just really weird...

So... who here hates posing for photos in a public place? I'm never doing it again, haha!

Sadie xxx

P.S. Monkee Genes have kindly offered 20% off for the rest of the month if you enter SADIES1220 at the checkout :). I'd really recommend them if you want to invest in a good quality pair of jeans. And they do half sizes too! Who'd have thought you could buy size 9 jeans?!

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Lectures were cancelled today, so I got up to some serious procrastination in the form of prancing around in the 'conservatory' of my house, posing with pretty cupboards (?!) and experimenting with upside-down outfit shots. Needless to say, the reason why you don't see many upside down outfit shots is because they are hugely unflattering... Anyway, thought it would be the perfect occasion to show off my new vintage jumpsuit, which is a cross between crazy 80s maternity wear and something that is exceedingly cool. But mostly the former. Nevertheless, it's very comfy, so it's a winner in my books!

And you can do this...

(Out-take: You can never be unhappy in a jumpsuit!)
Sadie xxx