Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Zig Zags

I've been having a bit of a work-wear-buying-bonanza recently, trying to find things that are smart but not totally boring! My placement in Paris is looming and I don't fancy being sneered at by those oh-so-chic Parisians as I bumble around looking utterly lost sporting un-ironed dresses and cardigans with missing buttons! Obviously I've been busy sewing up all the holes and replacing buttons on my current clothes, but my dress selection was looking alltogether rather uninspiring or completely unsuitable for a 'sophisticated' intern. Hence the new dresses from my #1 Fave: People Tree.

I'm totally enamoured with People Tree at the moment. It is without doubt my favourite ethical company, and seems to be slightly more fashion-led than some of the others. I've been astounded by the quality of every item I've ordered so far. You know when you feel a fabric and it just feels, well, luxurious? That's what you get - none of this flimsy throwaway Primark nonsense.

This little number is still available on the website, in the Outlet section, an absolute total bargain at £18.75 (reduced from £75!). That is the same price as your average Primark dress, so there are no excuses not to buy ethically!

Cheesey lovey-dovey alert: forget-me-nots handed to my boyfriend/patient photographer - he had better not forget me whilst I'm away! haha.

I was informed the other day that people in France tend not to wear too much colour so perhaps I'll tone down the tights when I first arrive...

Sadie xxx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ethical Shoes: Toms

One of the reasons for my drastic slow down in posting is that after reading Lucy Siegle's 'To Die For', I promised myself that I'll try to shop ethically - both cutting down the amount I buy and being careful about where I buy it from. So that, combined with 2nd year exams has provided me with a shortage of material :(. But I'm officially making a come back now as I've missed blogging so much. So watch this space.

Ethical shoes (how ever you may define 'ethical') are probably one of the most difficult things to buy, largely because most ethical retailers sell online and I like to be able to try shoes on before buying. I've been looking for some nice summer shoes for a while - ones that can be worn barefoot, something I've always hated doing because well, without socks or tights it feels fundamentally wrong! Please say I'm not the only one... So, Toms, with their breathable canvas uppers and comfortable leather inners, are just about acceptable (they're actually rather amazingly liberating).

I'd count Toms as ethical thanks to their promise to give away one pair of shoes to a 'child in need' every time you buy a pair; 'One for One', as the website states. They are often a required part of school uniform, so giving shoes also means education as well as better health. It's a great cause and one that I am very happy to support!

(I really admire the simplicity of the design!)

Sadie xxx