Sunday, 29 May 2011

Trashion Magazine

I don't know about you, but whilst I can appreciate the need for fashion publications such as Vogue, I often feel as though there should be more creative and DIY magazines on the market. I thought my prayers were answered when I discovered Cloth magazine, but whilst it had DIY credentials, it was lacking in actual 'fashion'. So I was very excited to hear that student Katie Fox had spotted this gap in the market and come up with a new magazine concept; one that combines trends with DIY tutorials, vintage shopping guides and interviews with independent designers!

The magazine is Katie's final year university project, and the hard work she has invested into it really shows across an impressive 30 pages of vintage-related articles, photo shoots and interviews. The concept for the magazine is outlined on the official blog (

"TRASHION is a national creative fashion magazine. We celebrate money saving, recycling, creativity and individuality in fashion and are concerned with all things crafty, vintage, thrifty, customised, handmade, quirky and cool.
If you prefer your fashion edgy and original as well as stylish, be sure to keep an eye on TRASHION in 2011."

My favourite feature was, naturally, the tutorials, which include How-To's on Suede Scallop Shorts, Tie-Front Shirts, McQueen-style Clutches and a Jewellery Tidy, all beautifully presented with pictures of the original item and detailed instructions on how to create the look!

I also loved the idea of vintage photo shoots - the perfect retro eyecandy for the vintage lover!

Katie has also managed to incorporate a trend report, but in-keeping with the magazine's philosophy, has provided advice on how to emulate the look using second hand clothing and a few simple DIY techniques. This is definitely a winner in my books, as it makes fashion accessible for everyone - and rather than encouraging us to just buy cheaper high street versions, it has the added bonus of encouraging sustainability.

For the time-being, Katie hasn't got any further issues in the pipeline, but if the concept is received well there is a chance that future editions of Trashion might be published! So - what are your opinions on the idea of a new, creative fashion magazine? What sorts of features would you like to see in a magazine like this?

Until then, the Trashion Mag Blog will be regularly updated with exciting content - and you can follow them on Twitter! Do check out Katie's personal blog as well - The Quick Red Fox!

Sadie xxx

P.S. There are a limited number of copies available for purchase (£3.99 plus postage) here :D

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I've now finished the aforementioned nightmare of an exam - only 5 more to go! When I got back from the exam hall I decided to have an afternoon off revision, and treated myself to all sorts of naughty things like... half a tub of Ben and Jerrys (nomnomnom), watching lots of nonsense on iPlayer, filling some pages of my sketch book and reading the new Vogue (at £4.10 for a copy, that well and truly is a treat). I've never felt more relaxed!

I also took the opportunity to dig out all of my favourite clothes and actually wear something nice for a change. Recently, for the sake of revision comfort, I have been living in jeans and a jumper and feeling rather dull as a consequence - so a return to a nice retro outfit was a welcome change. Anyway - it just so happens that I ripped said jeans whilst riding my bike home... so it looks like I'll have no option but to wear pretty things until I work out how to mend them!

Anyway, this morning *cough, afternoon... I am a student after all* I tried my best to blow dry my hair into a 60s bouffant/beehive sort of thing. I managed to get a bit of volume, but my hair has now returned to its normal flat self. I'm considering trying out those BumpIt things, but I'm not sure if they're any good. Have any of you tried them?
Today's outfit consisted of my favourite burnt-orange skirt, a vintage red belt and this blouse that I made back in January. I decided to also don my beret and red coat for added 60s pizazz - not sure about the whole red/orange combination but its nice to feel like a sunset once in a while :D.

Now on to the 'controversial' copy of vogue, which contains an interview with Alexa Chung that caused a bit of an uproar amongst bloggers recently. Here is the offending quote, "Blogs are ridiculous; they're just mood boards." Now I don't particularly find this offensive - in a way, blogs are a little ridiculous, but in the best possible way. And why shouldn't a person be allowed their own place on the internet for their thoughts and opinions? I like to have a place to create a moodboard of my favourite outfits/inspirations/eras/styles, especially as it is my only real 'artistic' outlet in a student experience that mainly involves balance sheets, verb tables and supply & demand curves. What does everyone else think about this? If you are a blogger, were you offended by this statement?

Sadie xxx

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Revision Blues

Please excuse my very cheesy title - I always think they are very difficult to come up with and this one seemed to be rather apt!

I haven't blogged for what seems like ages, which is largely due to the stress of first year university exams - new subjects, not knowing what to expect and of course, a little bit harder than A-Levels! So over the Easter holidays my head was stuck in a law text book. I honestly take my hat off to anyone who is doing Law as their main degree (fortunately for me, it is just one module) - there is so much to remember!

Anyway, I have been meaning to show you all this dress for a while now, which I acquired at a carboot for next-to-nothing. It is a lovely bright royal blue, with puffy sleeves, and a little collar that I attached a navy ribbon to. Unfortunately none of the full length shots turned out very well - I blame having to stand on a bed! But you'll have to imagine the rest - it finishes mid thigh, and has a lovely matching belt to cinch the waist. Here is the bad news - I was very foolish and actually sold this on eBay before I tried it on :( - it is already in the post to a very lucky person!

Here is a little snapshot of my life at the moment - tort law revision and a diary full of horrible exams :(. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end though! Just in case I'm absent from the blogosphere for a while - this is what I'll be doing!

One of my flatmates remarked on how colourful my notes were. Does anyone else like to get out the felt tips when revising, or is it just me?

Sadie xxx